Best Corporate Management Standards

Infor HCM

Optimizing your most valuable asset — your people.

One of a company’s biggest ongoing investments is in its people. Managed properly, this asset can be the source of innovation and growth, competitive advantage, and future leadership.

The Infor HCM (Human Capital Management) system helps enterprising businesses optimize the entire recruit-to-retire process. With this human resource management system, you can attract and retain a qualified workforce, effectively schedule your workforce, access and share vital workforce information safely and securely, adapt workforce processes as your company grows and changes, provide self-service capabilities to employees and managers, and enable effective decision-making relative to your workforce.

The Infor Human Capital Management system helps companies like yours:

  • Improve competitiveness by hiring, retaining, and empowering the best people
  • Make informed decisions by gaining visibility into and control over workforce performance
  • Save money and time by streamlining workforce-related processes, including scheduling and time and attendance
  • Achieve goals by aligning staffing practices with corporate strategy
  • Profit from more effective and efficient global operations