Over 15 000 Companies Rely on Infor EAM

Maintenance and Support

To make sure every customer gets the value they expect, AService and Infor Global Support offers flexible support options that suit every business need. These include our Standard Support plan, which is available for all solutions, and an extension option to receive 24x7 critical incident support.

Standard Support and Extension Option

Standard Support is available for all AService solutions and consists of:

  • Telephone access to customer support services during regular office hours
  • 24x5 critical incident support for most products
  • Incident response targets
  • An unlimited number of incidents
  • Infor365 Online Support
  • Remote access capabilities
  • Access to updates, patches, and service packs
  • Access to feature packs and enhancements
  • Critical solution notification
  • Support Briefings for selected topics

Option for 24x7 critical incident support is tailored for customers who also need to secure their operations during the weekend. For 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, you will receive prompt response to your severity 1 incidents.

Standard Support Components

Telephone access to customer support services

AService consultants are available via telephone during local support office hours to provide answers to technical, application, and customer service incidents, and for assistance in how to open, monitor, and review incidents using Infor365 Online Support.

24x5 critical incident support

This type of support covers severity 1 incidents and is available Monday through Friday, 24 hours per day. It is based on the “follow the sun” principle, which means that the next open support center will continue to handle critical incidents if the incident was not resolved at the end of the local office’s day. 24x5 Critical incident support is not available for all Infor solutions.

Incident response targets

AService and Infor Global Support is committed to delivering rapid and effective response to your incidents. Our response targets depend on the severity level of the incident. Please refer to the Infor Global Support Scope of Operations for a detailed description of each severity level and the incident response targets.

Infor365 Online Support

Infor365 Online Support is an interactive portal that enables you to access the tools, information, and people that can help you optimize your Infor solutions and be more competitive—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No matter where you are in the world or what Infor products you use, you can count on a personalized experience that meets your unique requirements. Access the tools you need to keep your software running efficiently and link to a host of additional Infor resources at www.infor365.com.

Remote access capabilities

With your permission, AService un Infor Global Support analysts are available to remotely access your Infor application in order to analyze and resolve any complex system issues you may be experiencing.

Access to updates, patches, and service packs

As part of your support agreement, you can access the next new release of your licensed product along with available migration tools. Solutions to reported incidents are also provided. You can access service packs, which are periodically scheduled for certain products and include modifications to the base product, localizations, and translated versions. Service packs may include officially published legal changes that require modifications to Infor HR, finance, and logistics software functions, as well as country-specific localizations or industry solutions.

Access to feature packs and enhancements

Access is provided to new capabilities and enhancements to existing capabilities which have been added to your Infor applications as a result of received enhancement requests.

Critical solutions notification

Infor365 Online Support enables you to develop a profile identifying the solutions that are of particular interest to your company. When a critical incident solution record is created for one of your solutions, you’ll receive quick notification about its availability and how to access it.

Support briefings

Support Briefings are designed to keep your key users current on the latest functions and features of your Infor solution. Infor Global Support continuously analyzes the need for specific topics to be addressed as Support Briefings, which are pre-recorded and can be watched anytime at your convenience.