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Infor One-Point Implementation Methodology (OPIM) is used for implementation projects. The Infor One-Point Implementation Methodology is based on an iterative design and business piloting process with major emphasis on planning; followed by a business prototyping so as to meet the business objectives underlying the implementation; transfer of knowledge and ownership from Consultants to the Customer project team; and final implementation and review. Throughout the implementation there is a gradual transfer of knowledge and ownership from Consultants to the Customer project team until the members of the project team become the drivers and champions of the new system and business processes. Following are the key phases of an implementation:

Initiate: Project Start up / Implementation Planning

This phase defines the project objectives, organization and staffing. The key deliverables are a Project Charter; Project, Education and Resource Plans; and installed software at the Customer site, ready for Business Pilot configuration.

Design (1): Project Team Education

In this phase the Implementation Team undergoes intensive product training. The key deliverables are the establishment of a core knowledge base within the team and cross-functional understanding of the Infor product, which will facilitate decision making during the Business Pilots.

Design (2): Business Pilots

The Business Pilots clarify operational flows and business requirements by modeling business processes using the Infor product. Operational issues are identified and resolved and any customization requirements are identified. There are three Business Pilot Phases:

  • Initial Business Pilot – identifies issues, procedure requirements and potential customization requirements
  • Resolution Pilots (usually 3) – operational issues are resolved and business flows and policies are defined
  • Final Business Pilot – final pilot to confirm operating procedures, policies and understanding

The key deliverable from the business pilots is a fully tested and functional system.

Build (1): Operating Procedures Development

This phase runs in parallel with the resolution pilots and involves development of procedures identified in the initial business pilot. Deliverables include documented policies and procedures and baseline documents for end-user training.

Build (2): Data Conversions and Modifications

In this phase, data conversion programs are developed and tested and any modifications or customizations are incorporated into the system and tested. Combined with the Final Business Pilot, the deliverable from this phase is a complete working system. In this phase cutover plans are developed and reviewed.

Build (3): User Training

The project team conducts end-user training, using the policies and procedures developed in the Business Pilots. The deliverable is a well trained user base prepared for immediate cutover.

Deploy: Final Cut-over

Final cutover from old system to Infor product.

Closure: Post Implementation Review

This review, conducted approximately 3-6 months after cut-over, provides a formal project review to ensure that the system has met the business objectives set out in the planning phase and that the system is being used to its fullest potential.