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AS Tallinna Vesi Selected and AService Implemented Infor EAM to Improve Asset Management Practices

Customer: AS Tallinna Vesi (http://www.tallinnavesi.ee)

Industry: Energy & Utilities

Country: Estonia

Solution: Infor EAM 10 - Enterprise Edition



AS Tallinna Vesi continuously strives to enhance the quality of providing a public water and waste water services to satisfy growing needs for high level services, which involves enhancing the quality of its asset management system. In addition to the quality of service, the company values efficiency and optimization of its business software by using modern technical solutions. As a result of analysis, the capability of the existing system were exhausted, the software was no longer being supported and it became obvious that it is necessary to find a fit for purpose software to continuously monitor the state and use of the assets, in particular the equipment used in key processes, so as to quickly process the relevant information and timely forward it for management decisions.


Selecting the Cooperation Partner and Project Implementation

At the end of 2011, AS Tallinna Vesi’s working group conducted a preliminary survey spanning 20 different global software products in order to find an appropriate and quality package, which would enable to use its assets in the water and waste water treatment plant processes and network pumping stations in an efficient and stable way as well as enable to better organise the work processes. The key requirements for the new system were: user-friendly for operative work as well as for management and change of work organisation; flexibility to fit with the company’s business strategy and to integrate with existing business software; modern IT means and solutions and last, but not least, experienced development support that would be nearby. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) was ranked as the top choice in terms of fulfilling the requirements – they were being represented by AService, who designed and implemented solutions fit for the company. The determining criteria in making the choice were the web-based application as well as the easy import opportunity of the existing databases and the fact that the solution was SQL-based, also the software was built as a flexible module system and allowed to enable personal working equipment for various user groups in accordance with differing needs.

The implementation project started at the beginning of 2012. Software migration often presents challenges. Mapping and converting data into usable form and upload to the target system is a critical and time consuming phase of the implementation. A joint AService and AS Tallinna Vesi Project team overcame the challenge successfully. AS Tallinna Vesi started to run Infor EAM in accordance with the project plan, from July 2012.

AS Tallinna Vesi’s project team valued the cooperation with AService highly:

According to Ain Ratassepp, AS Tallinna Vesi’s EAM Project Manager: “Cooperation was flexible and due consideration was given to the wishes of the client. AService reacted to variances in business requirements in an operative manner and responsibly from both, the viewpoint of functional enhancement as well as the contractual time and scope agreements. A material part of the work was done in remote mode. Despite the fact that sometimes it was not very convenient to decrease EAM standard functionality, the partner handled the client’s requests very well.”

Ellen Mihklepp, AS Tallinna Vesi’s EAM Business Owner commented that: “The good cooperation of both teams guaranteed dedication to solutions and proper time-management, which ensured that the client managed to apply the necessary integrations in time and on occasion, some parts of software were nearly tailor-made due to client business needs. The cyclic training program for the employees of the client had an excellent structure and the training was done in four phases, raising the level of detail with each phase.”

“This project enables considerably more management tools and monitoring of asset-related resources. The decision to choose AService as a cooperation partner was right, because carrying out the project in limited time while securing the client’s considerable business requirements necessitated both professionalism as well as dedication,” said Leho Võrk, AS Tallinna Vesi’s Chief Operating Officer.

The Benefits

  • Modernised and updated asset database;
  • improved process standardization of asset management;
  • possibility to log transactions and usage of resources related to assets more precisely and to differentiate them;
  • improved KPI and report system, that the business is enable to configure and filter on a personalised basis;
  • a greater differentiation between users enables to use personalised working tools, to get a continuous and quick overview of the assets and resources in order to make the right management decisions;
  • enhanced functionality of the equipment register with more data fields that can be filtered, which enables the end user to make flexible and more extensive queries of the database
  • allows to develop the asset management system in accordance with changing requirements.

About AS Tallinna Vesi

AS Tallinna Vesi is the largest water utility in Estonia providing drinking water and wastewater disposal services to over 400 000 people in Tallinn and in several neighboring municipalities of Tallinn. The company has two treatment plants. Lake Ülemiste's water is used to produce drinking water for about 90% of the inhabitants of the City of Tallinn. The quality of drinking water in Tallinn has been constantly improving after privatization and today meets all the required EU quality standards. The Company has over 21,000 contractual customers and employs 300 people on average. AS Tallinna Vesi’s shares are listed on the main list of the NASDAQ OMX Tallinn Stock Exchange.

Leho Võrk

COO Tallinna Vesi AS

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